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Hinchinbrook Marine Cove Experiences

Visit this amazing North Queensland natural wonder

Because of our location, we are able to offer tours of the stunning Hinchinbrook Marine Cove. Hinchinbrook part of the Great Barrier Reef, which is a World Heritage site and one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World. Hinchinbrook contains fabulous walking trains and an abundance of marine life, including access to the world famous coral reefs that give the Great Barrier Reef its name.

About Hinchibrook Island

Hinchinbrook Island is the largest island on the great barrier reef and the largest island national park in Australia. As such, it is comprised of a huge variety of walking trails, including the world famous Thorsborne Trail. Visitor numbers to Hinchinbrook Island are strictly controlled to preserve the island’s unique biodiversity, and accommodation is limited; therefore, charting a boat from Hinchinbrook Houseboat hire makes perfect sense as you will be able to sleep on the boat should you choose to stay the night.
Hinchinbrook Island is full of activities, which include swimming, scuba diving, canoeing, and the walking the plentiful trails. To find out more about the activities available on the island, get in touch with us on (07) 4721 0668.

Hinchinbrook Island

Sandy beaches and lush vegitation

My partner and I were travelling round Australia and decided to go to Hinchinbrook to hire a house boat. We hired Masquerade and not only were the owners Bob and Astrid very kind to us, we go to see an amazing part of Australia. Missionary bay was our favourite and snorkelling at Orpheus Island was amazing.


We had a fishing holiday on the Mascarade House Boat,we stayed at the Hinchinbrook Resort for the first night they picked us up at the Townsville Airportand enjoyed their hospitality in the Channel Inn Bistro and Bar before departing on our fishing adventure in the morning.
After 4 days of great fishing in the Hinchinbrook Channel and its rivers we retuned to the Resort where Alan the manager was waiting on the jetty to drive us back to Townsville Airport, thanks Guys what a great fishing holiday,oh by the way the resort will arrange to pack your fish for plane travel

—Bill Conway